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Working ethics

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Blue Bliss stands for trust, listening skills, safety, creative ideas without being boring.

Whether you need a website, or digital graphics, you will always get a high end service.

I have a strong work ethic and commitment.

This is why you will always feel safe with my services.

I focus especially on customers who need to showcase their personality through thier website or digital graphics.

This is not a place for fast, standard solutions.

Here each project is special and therefore I dedicate the maximum attention it deserves.

Focal points of my service are:

  • Empathy:
    My customers are always treated with respect and understanding.

  • Regular Feedbacks:
    I ask for feedback more than once while working on each project. I make sure my customers always know what I am doing and have the chance to ask for improvements, if needed.

  • Flexible availability:
    urgent projects or emergencies are welcome. If you need something to be done in a short time, I work also outside office hours.

  • Personalized experiences:
    each project is 100% tailored to my customer's needs.

  • Customers are my priority:
    no request is too small to listen to.



Web Design & Development

This is my passion.

I love to design and code amazing websites that show personality and renders great on every device.
If you want to know more, check my websites section


Search Engine Optimization

A website needs also to be visible to search engines.
This is why it is important to have some good knowledge also about S.E.O., and implement it on a web page. My websites have always on-site and technical S.E.O. included in the price, but if you want a higher level of search engine optimization, you can add this extra service to your project.

Responsive Design

A huge part of traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. This is why it is crucial to think first about mobile rendering when planning a website.
A website should look good no matter which browser or device the final user is using.
Images and space should scale accordingly.
This is a big part of my job, which requires a lot of testing and troubleshooting.

Graphic Design

Often, a customer who needs a website is also looking for some graphic design in form of brochures, posters, book covers.
Perhaps you want to combine your online presence with paper-based material.
You can have both services directly with Blue Bliss, keeping the same style and approach in order to keep consistency.
If you want to have a look at some of my digital projects, check my Instagram.



Small companies and start ups often are confused when it comes to branding.
Maybe you are an excellent chef, you have amazing cooking skills, but you have no idea how to convey your personality into a digital product.
Maybe you want a website because you want to get more customers, but you feel like you are not able to create a specific image for yourself and your business.
I will do it for you, I will analyze your business and keeping in mind your goals I will create and develop a branding image.
It doesn't need to be a huge project, also small branding projects are welcome. I have done a combo of branding & website development for a cleaning company. It was a new business that needed to get visual. Its key value was the attention to ecology and highly skilled service.
The owner already had a logo and wanted to keep it, so I went on creating a brand palette. I kept a very clean, minimal layout that suggest the idea of pureness, nature and cleanliness.
If you want to have a look at this project, check this website:

Brand Project

Image Editing

Images are very important. They suggest ideas, emotions, feelings. They make a website or a brochure more attractive.
Not always a customer have the right images: maybe they are too big, or need some fixing.
I recently had a customer who wanted to combine two pictures into one: she wanted to keep the background of one specific image, while removing part of non-essential objects and adding a person taken from a second picture to it.
Great result, the picture became a poster.
I also gave new life to social media icons, as you can see in my home page.
I thought it would have been cool to make them appear as neon lights, to give more consistency. Take a look at them here:

Neon Icons

I am sure you are interested in knowing more.
(maybe prices, am I right?)

Feel free to contact me with your questions, your ideas about yout project, or anything else you want to know about Blue Bliss!