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Here you can find some of my projects.
If you click on the links, you will reach my page on GitHub.

You will find all the documentation about UI/UX research, wireframes, sketching, developing, and of course testing.

I love creating websites that are 100% tailored to my customers.
My websites have a strong personality, they are build after a deep research and are carefully tested.
Each step I take in the process, I always reach out to my customers and show them progresses, new ideas, etc.
I am a digital artisan, each product I make is unique and it is made only based on my customers.

If you came so far, I am sure you are a person who wants to stand out from the crowd.
Your website should be your business card, it should speak about you and make clear from the very first glance who you are.
This is my speciality: I listen to you, I understand who you are and which is your image.
I research and sketch a website that is totally different from the others.
I choose for you a special colour palette, special fonts, a special layout and general style of the website.
After your approval, I start coding it and testing it until it works perfectly on all devices and browsers.