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Do I need a web designer?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Bliss, web design and web development.

I live .
Can you help me with my website and graphics?

Yes of course.
If you live there are absolutely no problems in helping you.
My services are available worldwide.

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Want to know more about me?

I love to work with creative people.
I love different views, other ways to think, I love the many shades that make us different and unique from the others.

Should I pay for a web designer/developer?
Web developer vs. website builder

Well, a good web designer will always deliver a better product than using a free website builder.
Not always saving money is the wisest choice.
A tailored website, created by a professional web designer and developer, will have:

  • Personality
  • Visual impact
  • Higher conversion rate
  • SEO optimization
  • Custom content
  • Custom graphics
  • Responsive behaviour on all devices and browsers
  • Attention to details
  • Maintenance during time
  • Higher speed
  • Accessible websites (extremely important!)

Hiring a professional means that you will rely on a person who has knowledge about programming languages, client-side, server-side, ui design, user experience, but also marketing.

What does a web designer do?

There is a long study behind a web page. Even the simplest one requires research, study, coding, testing.

I usually start by asking a lot of questions to my customers, in order to understand their personality, their business goals, their vision, and their final audience. I then research deeper and after I figured out the right personality types, I start putting down all my ideas. I check what competitors do, I figure out what they are missing and what can be done better. I sketch a wireframe and start thinking about the colour palette, the typography, the general appearance of the website. Before proceeding with coding, I always ask my customers to review my project: if they are happy with it, I go on with the second step, otherwise I listen to my customers' opinion and modify the initial project according to the new ideas.

The second step is coding. I usually use HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but for bigger projects I use also Python.

Every project is different, so according to each project I use the right technology.

Personally, I love JavaScript since it allows me to play with custom animation. This is something you can't do at all with free website builders. If you want to have a website that stands out, don't be cheap. Let a professional take care of all the processes and you will be satisfied! A website is your business card. Show the world that you are different. Show them your values, your personality, your style.

If you are an entrepreneur, an artist, a musician, an artisan, or anything else that needs to show personality, don't use free website builder. Nowadays anyone can be on the web, anyone can have a website: the goal now is to be different from all the others. Do you want to be a copy or do you want to show you are unique? Hiring a web designer is really the best solution.

Do you need graphics instead?
Mail me and tell me about your project
A little more about me

How to find a web designer near me?

Actually, location is no longer important, so I am here to help you even if you live . Since I work on the web, we can connect together no matter where we live.

I live in Sweden, but you can hire me even if you live in Australia, U.S.A., South Africa, or anywhere on this planet.

We can talk digitally, so it doesn't really matter if you are on another jet lag. Mailing makes everything easier: I can send you links, pdfs, text messages, and you can easily read and answer anywhere you are. Yes, also from the bathroom! (we all know everyone likes to use the phone in those moments!)

100% flexible and 100% tailored

I need help with images. What can you do for me?

No problems at all! I can help you finding amazing images for you project, or fixing yours. I use Photoshop and Illustrator, so if you need creative images, I can make something special just for you.

Images are very important in a website. They capture the attention, convey messages, estabilish a brand. They also help improving on-site SEO: it means that users will find more easily your website through Image Search on search engines.
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