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Katia De Bon fullstack web developer

My name is Katia,
I am a fullstack web developer with a deep love for frontend and design.

After an academical education in art history and having worked for years with sales and marketing in Italy, I decided to put my knowledge all together in the direction of web development.

I am a Digital Artisan

Blue Bliss is my web agency with focus on design and marketing for small companies or individuals.

I am in Knivsta, Sweden, but I work worldwide.

I tailor your website on your needs, keeping in mind your goals and the user experience.
To deliver a digital product doesn't mean we have to forget that behind there are human beings: a customer and a creator. As a good tailor does, or a good artisan, I create a product that fits on you.

For this reason I put a lot of energy in understanding your needs and researching for the best solutions.

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What do you value more, a fast-fashion dress or a tailored suit?

This is the same with digital products.

You can have cheaper and ready-to-make versions, but do they really serve your scope?

Do you want to associate your image with a standard product, that expires fast and says nothing about you?

Or do you want to show the world how unique you are, with a product that is 100% created around you?

Welcome to
Blue Bliss!




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